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COMING SOON - 2024 Fall Conditioning and Cross Country (X-C) program info !

We are finishing up the DVTFC Summer/Championship season and readying our athletes for Junior Olympics.  Fall Conditioning and Cross Country (X-C) info and registration will be available early August.    

For inquiries or other questions, please email us at  

Thanks for your interest in DVTFC !

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All-Time Track & Field Club Records ( Updated (thru 7/31/23)

More 'DVTFC Alumni' info added (under 'About Us')


DVTFC is a USATF sanctioned youth club founded in 1968 serving the Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville and  surrounding areas.  DVTFC is open to girls and boys ages 9-14 who love to run, jump and throw!

DVTFC holds four sessions throughout the year using USATF Level 1 and 2 certified coaches:

  • Spring Track (February-May) 
  • Summer Track (May-July)
  • Cross Country (September-November) 
  • Fall Conditioning (September-November)

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